Canterbury Wine festival™ was founded by Westgate Hall in 2019, in collaboration with Master of Wine Clive Barlow.

Kent is the epicentre of England’s current viticulture scene- we’re becoming known as the “Vineyard of England” and we want to let the whole world know about it!

Our aim is to bring the global wine culture to you, in the heart of our city

Canterbury Wine Festival 2022
Join us on Saturday 25 June 2022 when we bring the “Vineyard of England” to Canterbury for a one-day wine-tasting event with Master of Wine Clive Barlow. Indulge in our county’s vibrant viticulture, meet over 14 vineyards, try a range of sensational locally produced wines and buy your favourites to take home.

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Why wine?

“Wine brings people together, it’s a social lubricant” says Clive. In a time when coming together and spending quality time with each other is becoming ever more paramount and needed, the Canterbury Wine Festival is a chance to switch off from the everyday and indulge a little in the finer things in life and leisure time.

Why Canterbury?

Kent is the best county producing wine in England. Canterbury is the heart of Kent, and therefore of the wine region. There’s nowhere better to tantalise those taste buds and to try new flavours.

The inaugural Canterbury Wine Festival

In June 2019 we held the inaugural Canterbury Wine Festival, where over 300 people gathered under our historic roof to taste, discover and talk about Kent’s award-winning wines from 14 vineyards across our beautiful county.

The mysteries of this most illustrious of libations were explained at one of Clive’s expert Masterclasses, where the inimitable Master of Wine will share his knowledge from over 30 years in the trade.

Sounds like fun doesn’t it? Come join us

We’re planning the next Canterbury Wine Festival, for when restrictions allow. Keen to be the first to hear about the festival?

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Introducing Master of Wine Clive Barlow

Clive started his wine career quite by accident, when he spent a summer working on a pheasant farm as a young man. An interest in the land and sustainability, man's relationship with it and the cultural link forged from it inspired Clive, and now as owner of Press Wines at the Good Shed Canterbury, he shares the wonders of this beautiful, sensual product that people enjoy together, and his passion for it, daily. Wine is an integral part of socialising, food and bringing people together, and that’s what this festival is all about.

“Where it takes the individual. Whilst the taste of the wine will fade, the knowledge you’ll learn and the memories you’ll make at the festival will last, making all your future wine tasting that bit more enjoyable.”

Amrita Bartram, Partner, Girlings Solicitors

‘The first ever Canterbury Wine Festival showcased a great selection of high quality wine from vineyards from across the county. It is easy to see why Kent is stamping its mark as the vineyard capital of the UK and why its wine continues to receive international acclaim.’