Westgate Community Trust (Canterbury) Ltd is a company limited by guarantee with charitable status. The Trust is inclusive, non-political and does not discriminate.

Westgate Hall is a neutral space

As trustees/directors of Westgate Hall, our engagement in Canterbury is shaped by our Articles of Association and the terms of our 99-year lease to the Hall from Canterbury City Council.

We are to preserve, maintain and manage Westgate Hall as a financially self-sustaining community and leisure centre for the benefit of the people of Canterbury and its districts.

We are a diverse group of local people

We work to maintain and enhance the quality of community life by working together with residents, users of the Hall, the local authorities, public, private and voluntary sector organisations to provide facilities supporting education, social welfare, recreation and leisure activities.

Let’s build a stronger community together

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Caroline Hicks, Head of Property & Regeneration, Canterbury City Council

"Westgate Hall is a pillar of our community, vital to Canterbury’s recovery and our city’s future - a central venue supports our local people in so many different ways"

Social Enterprise Kent

"Westgate Hall has stepped up to the mark in every way. They’ve helped to solve our Covid-challenges at really good value and made it stress-free and easy for us to connect with staff. It’s such an asset to have this great venue on our doorstep"