Imogen Morizet | 5th January 2011

A Happy New Year to everyone who has engaged with saving the Westgate Hall for Canterbury and District citizens!

A year ago, the Westgate Hall was slated for demolition. Once executed, Pound Lane parking would be increased and redevelopment of the area, the ultimate goal, feasible.

A year later, Westgate Hall is still with us, proving its uniqueness and why Canterbury wouldn’t be the same place without it. Our Big Lunch, in July, and Grand Christmas Fayre, in December, brought this home.

A year ago, the atmosphere between city and Council was contentious. A year later, cooperation defines the relationship.

Hard economic times have underscored the value of community. That at the start of this New Year we are in a position to seriously discuss assuming responsibility for Westgate Hall is thanks to Canterbury’s citizens speaking up and actively contributing to city life. And our City Council has reached out and listened.

However, 2011 will decide our Hall’s fate. So let’s continue holding community events that are fun, inclusive, and break barriers. They remind us of the Hall’s value as a place of celebration and for making friends.

As for those of us in the Trust, we look forward to strengthening our dialogue with our community and the Council as members of our community as well as our representatives.

A wish, or rather, resolution for this year: Let’s continue and consolidate all the hard work of the past year. And by harnassing all that energy, let’s save Westgate Hall as a Canterbury landmark — may it serve us as a dynamic innovative centre for our community for many years to come.