We are now on track to becoming an “emerging member” of the Development Trust Association.

The Regional Development Manager for the South East has guided us through the DTA Health Check, a process that helps trusts like ours review how we are doing, the direction we want to take, and develop an action plan.

To qualify we had to demonstrate that we are, and intend to be,
– Engaged in economic, social and environmental regeneration of a defined area or community (in our case, Canterbury)
– Independent and aiming for self-sufficiency/not for private profit
– Community based, owned and managed
– Actively involved in partnerships between the community, voluntary, private and public sectors

As members we will belong to a rapidly expanding community and benefit from its support and experience.

Here are some facts from 2009:
•There are 466 development trusts across the UK
•Development trusts work in communities that make up a quarter of the UK population
•They have a combined income of £275m, of which £136m is earned income
•£565m of assets are in community ownership
•5040 staff and 16,000 volunteers work with development trusts
•Development trusts provide support to almost 9,000 community groups and over 8,000 small businesses
•Development trusts engage in a wide range of community focussed activities and services.

Nothing quite like the energy that comes from being part of a surge like this!