The Westgate Community Trust is now up and running!  And the engine driving us is the future of our community.

Ben Alonso, Vice President for Student Activities at the University of Kent Student Union, made a stirring contribution to this message on 21 January at a public meeting with the Executive Committee of the Canterbury City Council.  Do listen.  And also take a look: there are great pictures of the hall in use.

What were Ben’s points?

Community:  Activities at the hall give students and residents opportunities to get to know each other.  Long term benefit: social cohesion.

Location:  Being in the centre of the city makes the hall easily accessible, particularly for those dependent on buses and their two legs for transportation.

Promotion:  The University of Kent Salsa Society, the largest student salsa club in the southeast, brings some 300 young people to the hall.  And this is only one of many groups that use this space.  Creative promotion would bring in many more!

Please let us know if you would like to get busy and volunteer time, skills, and/or good humour!  If so, do email us at  westgatecommunitytrust@googlemail.com and join us on Facebook at Save the Westgate Hall, Canterbury (direct link in the Blogroll).