Imogen Morizet| 28th February 2010

Well, we’re about to launch into unknown waters. And it’s exhilarating. A few days ago, few of us knew each other other than through excited, frustrated and, thanks to the hard work of some, informative messages on our Facebook walls.

Yet, once the Council had voted on 18 February, some of us felt becalmed. All that build up, the noise, the adrenalin and then….the wind was gone. In fact, the silence was rather like the one following those execution scenes that remind us why we are glad we didn’t live in the 13th century.

So with that image in mind, we fast-forwarded to now, the era of Obama and bottom up democracy and “being the change you want to see.” The need for contact and action was definitely in the air. Tentative messages were sent to names on the Save the Westgate Hall site (did we really dare get in touch with someone directly. . .): “Isn’t it time to meet, exchange views, and see whether there’s any point in redefining the dialogue? We can’t have hit a wall, reached a dead end after all that?!?!”

And so a few of us met. Some were Canterbury old timers. Others were pilgrims who had arrived only months before, drawn by the lure of Heritage and Community and Green Space. . . .

Our common concern is outlined on our About page. Do read it, see what you think, and get in touch.