Granted, if you are reading this, you probably belong to the converted. But it is fun to actually watch this thing happening — a community grow.

Let’s track it.

A few weeks ago, there was outcry at the thought of losing the Westgate Hall.

Then came Facebook, THE internet forum: Save the Westgate Hall.

Disoriented by the lull following the 18 February Council decision to demolish the hall, some of us left the relative anonymity of the Facebook community and “dared” make direct approaches. We needed live interaction to comfort each other, and to find out whether we didn’t want to take the passion of our Facebook community live. Six of us discovered that we did.

By the time we met to constitute the Westgate Community Trust on Thursday, we were 14 around the table with as many unable to be with us, yet ready to roll up their sleeves.

We are a great cocktail: some have grown up and lived in Canterbury all their lives, some joined the community years ago, while others have only been here a few months. A few knew each other, many were meeting for the first time.
And what a spread of interest and ability: journalists, musicians, artists, historians, financial planners, actors, lawyers, community workers, restaurant owners, local residents, those living further afield, the self-employed and those working for city services.

In other words, we’re a cross-section of today’s Canterbury, working together to build something to benefit the quality of life of a city we are committed to.